Price List

Effective 1st July 2024

Company Prices

Company Registration (includes ASIC fee)$762.00Order Now
Adoption of Constitution$99.00Order Now
Company Name Reservation (includes ASIC fee)$101.00Order Now
Adoption of Company Register$165.00Order Now
Company Name Change (includes ASIC fee)$631.00Order Now
Company Deregistration (includes ASIC fee)$176.00Order Now
Change of Company Details$275.00Order Now
New Business Name Registration – 1 year (includes ASIC fee)$176.00Order Now
New Business Name Registration – 3 years (includes ASIC fee)$234.00Order Now
Shelf companyPOAOrder Now

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Trust Prices

Discretionary Trust$176.00Order Now
Pedigree Trust$176.00Order Now
Unit Trust$176.00Order Now
Fixed Unit Trust$176.00Order Now
Fixed Unit Trust For NSW Land Tax$176.00Order Now
Non-Geared Unit Trust$176.00Order Now
Specialty Trusts (POA)From $440.00Contact Us
Change of Trustee (Discretionary Trust)$350.00*Order Now
Change of Appointor (Discretionary Trust)$350.00*Order Now
Change of Trust Name (Discretionary Trust)$350.00*Order Now
Change of Trustee (Unit Trust)$350.00*Order Now
Change of Trust Name (Unit Trust)$350.00*Order Now
Vest a Unit Trust$350.00Order Now
Vest a Discretionary Trust$350.00Order Now
Bamford Amendment$880.00Contact Us
Foreign Exclusion Variation (Other deed)$550.00*Order Now
Foreign Exclusion Variation (Our deed)$440.00*Order Now
Deed Of Rectification / Confirmation/ Clause Variation$350.00*Contact Us
Change of Unitholder/Unitholding$350.00*Order Now
Deed of Renunciation $350.00*Order Now
Nomination of Beneficiary$350.00*Order Now
*Additional fees may apply

SMSF Prices

SMSF$176.00Order Now
SMSF DOV for Our SMSF$275.00Order Now
SMSF DOV for Other deed$350.00Order Now
SMSF Lost Deed Service$350.00Order Now
Change of Trustee$260.00Order Now
Account-Based Pension$143.00Order Now
Transition to Retirement Income Stream$143.00Order Now
Pension Reset$198.00Order Now
Benefit Payment Allocation$220.00Order Now
Binding Death Benefit Nomination$275.00Order Now
SMSF Wind Up$374.00Order Now
Bare/Property Trust Service$660.00Order Now
SMSF Investment Strategy$165.00Order Now

Other Prices

Partnership Agreement$165.00Order Now
Loan Agreement$275.00Contact Us
Service Agreement$440.00Order Now
Shareholder Agreement$1,650.00Order Now

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All deeds, amendments and funds re prepared by our solicitors. Prices are subject to change.