Change of Company Name

Companies may choose to change their name at any time, as long as the new name is available and is approved by ASIC.
We offer this service using our standard PDF forms. Please complete, scan and email the form to our office.

We will prepare the form 205 and supporting documents and send them to you via email. The director is required to sign the form 205, which needs to be emailed back to us so we can then lodge this form with ASIC. Note: this form needs to be lodged within 14 days of the date on the form. If not, ASIC late fees or fees for the preparation of another form 205 will apply. Once the form is lodged with ASIC and the name change is finalised we will then send you the certificate of name change. It is important to note that the name is not changed until the form is accepted by ASIC.

ASIC Documents

Completed form 205 for signing
Certificate of name change, once accepted by ASIC

Register Documents

Resolution of member/s
Explanatory letter

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