New Other Companies

We can register and provide a suite of documents for Other Companies including: Public Companies, Companies limited by Guarantee, No Liability Companies and various other Pty Ltd companies, to suit industries such as Architects and Professional Services.

You will be provided with a complete company register containing all necessary minutes and our own quality constitution. The documents will be stored online for you to access at any time, with the option to receive hard copies bound and delivered in a professional register.

If you would like one of these companies, please call our office on 08 9388 0551

Our integration with ASIC allows us to maintain a direct connection with the regulator. In addition, our staff are highly trained with decades of experience to solve issues as they arise, such as conflicts with other company and business names, director eligibility and so forth.

In addition to receiving an excellent constitution with all of the powers required to manage a modern company, you also receive the support of a knowledgeable and caring team to get it right every time.

Deeds and ASIC Documents

  • Company Constitution
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Form 201 Application for registration (copy)
  • Bank Account Kit
  • Banking Information Letter
  • Minutes & Resolutions
  • Consents & registers

Other helpful documents

  • Guideline of Directors
  • Share Transfer form (sample)

Documents & Links