Shelf Companies

Available Shelf Companies: Updated 23rd April 2022 12.00pm

All Shelf Companies listed below are ready for immediate purchase.  

Company Name:Date of Incorporation:
Rangepoint Pty Ltd1 November 2021
Funmax Enterprises Pty Ltd13 January 2022
Jadehill Nominees Pty Ltd11 April 2022
Plusone Enterprises Pty Ltd21 April 2022
Levelred Holdings Pty Ltd2 May 2022
Purenew Holdings Pty Ltd2 May 2022
Dominox Pty Ltd9 May 2022
Thrillteam Enterprises Pty Ltd9 May 2022
Exquisite Investments Pty Ltd12 May 2022
Finesse Enterprises Pty Ltd12 May 2022
Addextra Pty Ltd12 May 2022

Please call the office (08) 9388 0551 or email to reserve a company