Discretionary Trust

Our Discretionary Trusts provide the trustee with flexible and powerful arrangements. The deed is drafted by in-house tax lawyers and externally peer reviewed.

The deeds are written in plain, easy to understand language and each deed comes with an explanatory guide to help trustees and advisers.

A discretionary trust, sometimes called a “family trust”, is generally a document conveying title to trust property to the trustee and setting out the purpose for which a trust has been formed, the rights and obligations of the trustee, of the trust’s manager and of the trust’s beneficiaries.

The trust deed imparts the rules within which the trust must operate, dictates its investment guidelines, and describes how benefits will accrue to the beneficiaries under the trust.

The online Discretionary order form captures all of the required information to setup the trust structure.  The smart forms help guide the user through the process to ensure the Settlor, Beneficiary/s and Appointor reflect the requirements of the client.Our staff are always available to discuss aspects of the structure which are unclear or how our deed operates.Clients will receive an electronic copy of the deed and supporting documents, in addition we can stamp deeds for your jurisdiction.Stamping Service for NSW and VictoriaWe can arrange to have the trust deeds stamped in VIC and NSW with the applicable stamp duty for a fee + Duty.
Discretionary Trust documentation will be prepared in accordance with the order form and will usually include:
  • Trust Deed
  • Trust Guide
  • Trustee Resolutions
  • Stamp Duty Info and stamping checklist
You will receive electronic and optional hard copies of the documents.