Stamping Service

As a registered Duties Online organisation, we can process the duty in Victorian and New South Wales for deeds that we have established.

The Governing State is generally the State or Territory that will have the right to stamp and impose stamp duty on the settlement of the trust deed and our forms will offer the stamping option for trusts based on the governing state. It’s up to you to let us know if the governing state is NOT where the deeds should be stamped.

We do not advise on stamp duty, but most State and Territory stamp duty legislation impose duty on a trust deed when it is first executed in that State/Territory.

Ordering the Stamping Service

When ordering a VIC or NSW trust establishment online, you will have the option to order the Stamping Service. Our fee for the stamping service is an addressed Express Post envelope to return the deeds to our office (for electronic only deeds you will need to provide your own envelope).

The deeds must be correctly executed meaning dated, signed by all parties and signatures witnessed where required, for us to process the duty – we will provide guidance on this.

Deeds with Duty in Victoria

For trusts to be stamped in Victoria, deeds need to be returned to our office within 30 days of the date they were executed. Please note that we need 1 hard copy of the executed deeds to be able to process the duty and unfortunately cannot accept a scanned copy. We will process the duty assessment online and return the deeds to your office with the Certificate of Duty, once available. The VIC SRO usually provides the certificate of duty 2-3 days after the deeds have been assessed. There will not be a physical stamp affixed to Victorian deeds. Duty is $200 (no charge for additional copies).

Deeds with Duty in New South Wales

Deeds need to be returned within 3 months of execution in NSW. We will stamp NSW deeds and return them on the same day. Please note that we need the hard copies of the executed deeds to be able to process the duty. Duty is $750 plus $20 for each copy of the deed.

Help with Stamp Duty

We do not provide stamp duty advice and it is best that you obtain your own advice before instructing us to do something on your behalf. We recommend contacting the various State revenue authorities to assist you with your enquiries: